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Wise Insurance Group was started by Ed Wise, an insurance veteran with Farmers and Liberty Mutual insurance companies. Before Farmers, Ed had been in the technology arena for 22 years working with companies such as Motorola Four-Phase Systems, NCR, BusinessLand, DataEase and People Click.

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Credit's Impact on Your Insurance - Wise Insurance Group

Pay off debt: Total up the amount you owe on credit cards, car loans, student debt, home equity lines of credit and anything else. Then focus on one to pay off. Then focus on one to pay off. This can either be the smallest one or the one with the largest interest rate.

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8 Steps to a better credit score! - Wise Insurance Group

Pack your lunch, skip the sale at Macy’s, shop for gas, change where you buy groceries (use coupons), don’t upgrade the phone just yet. Get creative about ways to cut your spending. There are many reasons our financial house burns up; divorce, job loss, illness, or simply trying to keep up with the illusion of how others are living.

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