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Diesel Boss Coupons, Promotions, Promo Codes, etc

Diesel Boss Coupons, Promotions, Promo Codes, etc. Discussion in ' Trucking Electronics, Gadgets and Software Forum ' started by The Gryphon , Dec 16, 2012 . Dec 16, 2012 #1

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Need stamped copy of 2290 before Leasing On to a carrier

The coupon code expires March 19, 2017.E-File now with coupon code POWER25 to get 25% OFF on our filing fee. As soon as IRS accepts your return, we will notify you via email and text alert on your mobile. The email with attached Schedule 1 and the fax will be sent to you within few minutes after IRS acceptance. The coupon code expires March 19

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can someone explain the ta/petro points? | TruckersReport

Yes you can redeem them at $1.00 increments. It used to be $5.00 increments. The point system is the penny per gallon like at the loves and the pilots. Main difference is that you have to print off coupons from the kiosk at the ta / petro, instead of just handing your card to the cashier at the pilot.

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Outrage.Scammers!!! | Page 2 |

Two .50 cent off coupons for the Real Big Meal Deal at a local fast food restaurant each and every month. A state of the art maintenance facility that's slogan is "The Best Third World Inspired Diesel Repairs". Their posted shop rate is "$120.00 an hour + Your Sister". An emergency kit that contains a piece of paper with your wife's phone number.

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Scam Alert: Don’t Fall For “PAST DUE” Biennial Update

The letter stated his update was due in September 2010, and failure to comply would result in fines of $1000.00 a day. I called them up to tell them my husband was deceased. I was told in order to get him off their files I have to pay $149.00. I think this is ridiculous. If these updates were due in 2010, they’re sending a letter in 2020?

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West Wendover, Nevada | Trucking Forum

You can get a "Two for the price of One" coupon, or, you can get a "50% off" coupon. The Rainbow has the Rainforest Buffet - which seems to be a mix of a little bit of all cusines -- Italian, Chinese, Mexican, American.

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How are you paying lumpers? | Page 2 |

I am only getting .07 a gallon off. The $1.50 per transaction and $15 a month doesn’t equate for me. I’m hoping someone can give me ideas on a different way to take care of paying lumpers. Maybe a different service that doesn’t charge so much for once or twice a month use.

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I have 82,000 cash. What would you do? | Page 6

I don't go out and buy the latest & greatest iPhone for $600, I don't buy name brand groceries, I clip coupons, I do a garden every year and can/preserve a lot of our food, I make a lot of our food from scratch (including bread), we have basic cable, no land lines, no car loans, no credit cards, no "extras", etc.

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$10,000 EIDL GRANT | Page 35 | Trucking

That’s right, I applied for Unemployment, had a week off. Now working. I can make it on $2000 a week, after fuel costs, if needed. Anything more, I’m better off working. Either way, I’ll still be cool! Lol, I’m an American, we invented Cool.

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My experience with PAM - C1, and Driver Solutions | Page 2

Road and backing tests went well, and orientation wasn't bad. They provide meal coupons for a couple places close by. So, after I completed the orientation they had me sign paperwork- and slipped a document in that said I would make .20 cents per mile split ( they make you team for 6 months).

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