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Digital Coupons ⋆ The Frugal Physician

The digital coupon and cashback app, Rakuten, promises up to 40% off select purchases from more than 2,500 retailers. The user-friendly app used to be known as Ebates, and it offers multiple ways you can save money, including:

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Freebies for Frontline Healthcare Workers during COVID-19

Northface is offering a 50% discount to healthcare workers all the way until Dec 31st, 2020! 10% discount at outlet stores. Word is that you can get a new code once a month. Under Armour is giving 40% off for first responders and military.. Reebok is giving 50% off to first responders as well.. Adidas is giving 40% off.. Asics is giving 60% off.. Peloton is giving a free accessories to

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Debt Free Doctors: Dr. Randolph ⋆ The Frugal Physician

We pay off the small debt (<$25 unless we use it for some odd travel expense like a plane ticket) each month. Honestly, I would like to find a card with good rewards and use it for anticipated expenses where we know the value, but the fear of becoming comfortable with debt again or missing hidden fees/expenses makes me nervous.

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Doctors Free of Student Loans: Dr. D ⋆ The Frugal Physician

We paid off $208,918.53 in 17 months. I didn’t pursue Public Service Loan Forgiveness because when I finished residency, I realized I hadn’t filed the right paperwork the whole time. And honestly, I didn’t want to be stuck with the loans for 10 years and biting my fingernails anytime some politician got up on a mic and said something

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When is debt good? ⋆ The Frugal Physician ⋆ Blog

Now, let’s compare that to student loans. Say instead of a $200,000 rental property mortgage, we have $200,000 in student loans at 6.8% in standard repayment for 10 years.. Each month, we would owe $2,301.60 toward these loans.

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How to Save Money on Family Portraits ⋆ The Frugal Physician

Usually around $250-350 per session. In today’s digital world, especially as a blogger, I find myself needing nice pictures all the time. In our quest to pay off over $200k of student debt really fast, there is no way I can dish out that much cash for every baby birthday, christmas, professional shoot, etc. But, I sure still want them.

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i paid off my student loans – The Frugal Physician

On this edition of Doctors Free of Student Loans, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Tina. She recently paid off her $230k in student loans within 4 years of finishing residency! Like me, she is a primary care doc trained in internal medicine. How did she accomplish this major feat? Read on!

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Decoding the Doctor's Bill ⋆ The Frugal Physician

Before I get into today’s post, I would like say a huge THANK YOU to the Plutus Foundation and to YOU for nominating this blog and supporting it. When I found out that The Frugal Physician was a Finalist for The Best New Personal Finance Blog Award at the 10th Annual Plutus Awards, I was dumbfounded. I am floored by this honor when I know there are so many well deserving blogs out there. So

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State of the Blog 2020 – The Frugal Physician

Now that my debt is paid off, I work 3 days a week in a clinic where I feel appreciated with occasional shifts in the hospital per diem, when I am needed. And I am enthused by my work here to heal the healers and bring you good, solid financial information that you can put to use practically to get control of your financial and professional

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best way to pay off student loans – The Frugal Physician

5 Ways to React to the Coronavirus Pandemic if You're Annihilating Your Student Debt

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