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With the start of the New Year, we’ve decided to overhaul our budget (if you could even call it that) so I thought I’d provide my top budget tips for families.To be honest, the past two years we’ve lived pretty frugal-less-ly.If we felt like eating out, we ate out.

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How to become an extreme couponer - the frugal millionaire

Stacking is the act of finding multiple coupons and discounts that can be combined to produce significant savings. When you hear about an extreme couponer buying a bag of Doritos at the store for 25 cents, it’s because they were able to stack multiple coupons on top of a sale price to get an amazing deal.

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How to Save a Lot of Money - the frugal millionaire

Sub-accounts! We put money into a car fund, an HVAC fund, vacation fund, savings, etc. I also bank the money we save for things like grocery stores, sales, coupons, cash back shopping, etc. Plus an automatic $92 that we save with Hulu each month. When I keep on it, we generally save around $200 each month just in that account.

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How to Save Money on Food without Sacrificing Quality

And when you do go out to a nice restaurant, split a meal with your husband or your child! This is a really easy way to shave $5-$10 off the total cost of the meal. And with portion sizes nowadays, you’ll still be leaving the restaurant with a full belly. Cook in bulk for the week

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Life Insurance: Why You Need it and How to Save Money on It

Sometimes, this means ordering my meal off the kids menu when we go out to eat or splitting a meal with my husband. I use coupons regularly when shopping and try to only buy things on sale. Our life insurance policy is no different. The absolute best way to save money on life insurance – or anything for that matter – is to shop around.

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bills Archives - the frugal millionaire

The way we’re getting around this is simple – we are paying the credit card off daily. So, in other words, if we can’t pay it our purchases off that day, we aren’t buying them. It’ll basically be the same as using our debit cards, except we’ll be earning cash back on every single purchase.

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Online Income Report: How I Made $3,200 Online in One

I am so, so excited about this month's online income report! This is my highest month ever, including the two years I freelanced and blogged only (I currently have a FT job in addition to freelancing and blogging). And, the even more exciting news is I only spent about 10 hours this entire month freelancing and blogging! This is where my years of hard work on the blog are finally starting to

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How to clean a big house // My schedule - the frugal

Currently, we are living in a 3000 square foot rental home. To some that may be average, but to us this house is quite large. In fact, it's the biggest house my husband and I have ever lived in. I was nervous moving in thinking about what it would be like to clean the house. Since we've lived here almost two months now, I thought it would be interesting to share my cleaning schedule. It

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Sarah Brooks, Author at the frugal millionaire - Page 25 of 26

So off I went to Kirkland’s to stock up on a few essentials. I spent $48 (including my $10 off coupon) on the items you see on the fireplace mantle – the “Be Thankful” banner, two ceramic pumpkins, a “Harvest Home” sign, a burlap white floral arrangement, a festive light-up mason jar and a vanilla-scented candle on an antique candle

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Why you should focus on earning more rather than saving

I’m on the “earning more” side of the argument. My reasoning is simple. With saving, you can only go so far with cutting your expenses. $4,000 instead of $5,000 this month. Now maybe you’re living off of $3,000 next month. At some point it has to stop. With earning more, the possibilities are endless.

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income Archives - Page 6 of 6 - the frugal millionaire

Going out to eat is spending $15 at the local BBQ restaurant to feed all four of us! We love cooking at home, going on walks and to the library, watching movies, playing cards, reading and more. This past week, though, BOTH of our cars wound up in the auto shop (more on this later) and cost us $400 (we got off VERY lucky!).

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