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Custom Templates to Match the Style of Your Site. We make it look like you paid thousands to have a designer custom-build your Contact Form. You get total control of the background/button color, text color, text font, and more so you can completely match Contact Form to the design of your site.

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Ecommerce Discount Testing Strategy (Hint: $ vs % vs FREE

In the Discount Value field, enter the % off or $ off you want to offer (Antonio is testing 10% off and $100 MXN off). Enter a Discount prefix that tells you where people got the code. This test will run on your cart page, so using prefixes like cart10 for 10% off, cart1v for $100 voucher off and cartfs for free shipping are good naming

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How To Make Your First Dollar With Sumo

The 10% off offer on the cart page incentivizes the person who is about to leave the shopping cart to get a 10% discount if they buy from you right now. Add your discount code to your Coupon Code Template by clicking on Insert Discount Code, and add a link back to your cart page.

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Drip Campaigns: The Ultimate Guide (Beginner + Advanced

As a thank you, we wanted to give you 20% off your next order. Use coupon code VIP20 to claim your discount! We take care of our customers. Once you spend $200 with us, we’ll give you an even bigger discount. See you soon! Cheers, Brand

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Step-By-Step Guide To Email Marketing (w/ Video Tutorials)

If you run an ecommerce store, send an above-average value coupon code in the email. For non-ecommerce businesses, send a piece of content your list has never received. For any inactive subscribers who don’t click the link in the email, remove them from your email list.

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9 Marketing Pricing Strategies To Explode Your Revenue

If it is, convey your discount in terms of a percentage. 40% off is way more eye-catching than 2$ off, and it feels like you’re saving more. Is your price over $100? Use the dollar amount -- it’ll always be larger in magnitude than a percentage could ever be (I know math). And if your product is exactly $100…? Busted.

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Facebook Call To Action Examples (That Actually Get Clicked)

This headline flips it (it’d be better if it was “SALE: 59% Off Our Best Women’s Hoodies”), but it’s still effective. This works best for those of you with discounts for products -- 2-for-1’s, price reductions, coupons, etc.

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5 Ecommerce Success Stories [Real-World Case Studies]

Receive a coupon code to get $10 off their next order from Beer Cartel In total, more than 17,000 people took the survey . The survey results were published on Beer Cartel’s blog and helped grow their site traffic by 100% — from 62,000 unique website visits in 2016 to 128,000 in 2017.

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10 Automated Email Templates (That Don't Look Automated)

Goal: Delivering your discounts and coupons to subscribers. Great For: Ecommerce stores or general websites offering a discount in exchange for an email address “Yeah, but how do I give my subscribers the discount code?” Sound like you? Don’t worry -- this is the #1 question I hear when talking to ecommerce owners.

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How To Build An Email List: 60 Free Ways You Can Use Right Now

The only way you get that discount code is if you join their newsletter. Even if you can’t offer crazy deals like 50% off, you can still offer a 5-10% occasional deal to entice visitors to sign up. 57. CROSS-PROMOTE ON OTHER EMAIL LISTS

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Updated: 80 Best Email Subject Lines (With Formulas and

Sale Alert: 20% Off Sumo Pro. Breaking: Warren Buffet’s investing secret. We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf and because not every email you send will need immediate action from the reader, it can be best to use this tip sparingly.

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