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7 Inventive Ways to Use Discount Popups (+ Examples)

There are different ways to reduce the friction caused by your discount popups. My suggestion is to play it safe and do both: write your coupon code in the success step and send it in an email. 4. Offer Limited-Time Discounts. Although discounts are excellent incentives for consumers, they’re not always affordable for e-tailers.

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9 Discount Strategies You Can Use Today (Without Hurting

When creating a campaign for new visitors, it’s important to: Target a specific visitor segment: To ensure you only offer this discount to new site visitors, place a cookie in new visitors’ browsers.Doing so allows you to track new visitors vs. returning visitors and hide or show campaigns to this segment.

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7 of the Most Creative Sales Promotion Popup Examples We

Discounts and Coupons Discounts are, doubtlessly, one of the most powerful weapons in an e-commerce marketer’s arsenal. When used sparingly, discounts act as a powerful incentive that convert website visitors into subscribers and customers.

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6 Interactive Newsletter Examples You Need to See

It features three of their top products, and subscribers can “scratch” off the card by clicking on it to see if they win either one of five 25 percent off coupons or one of 25 $5 off coupons. This is something many email subscribers are interested in and brings back fond nostalgic memories for many who used physical scratch-off cards when

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Book Launch: How We Made $8,268.54 in 7 Days | Sleeknote

Then, click, “Pre-Order Built to Scale Now” Next, enter the coupon code [COUPON] at checkout. (You’ll get 30% off your purchase.) Finally, check your inbox. We’ll send you a link to your free bonuses in the confirmation email. Enjoy! Sam

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7 Types of Customer Appreciation Emails You Need to Send

Chairish, on the other hand, chooses a money-off incentive, instead of a percentage discount, to celebrate your subscriber anniversary: To redeem your $50 store credit, Chairish invites you to spend more than $150, and therefore, takes you up to a specific price point.

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7 Advanced Ways to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates (+ Swipe

This, of course, fluctuates greatly from industry to industry. Mailchimp, in their research, found the average unsubscribe rate can be as high as 1.13% for telecommunications (no surprise there), and as low as 0.10% for daily deals/e-coupons. So, if you’re below the 2%, as Campaign Monitor recommends, you’re doing something right. And if you’re not…

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9 Advanced E-Commerce Email Segmentation Strategies

For example, if a user signs up for a coupon code, it’s fair to say that they’ve got high purchase intent. You can then use your email campaigns as a way to keep these subscribers engaged and drive them to make that final purchase. Here’s an example from AYR who offers a 10% discount on first orders through a popup on their website:

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E-Commerce Referral Marketing: How to Get More Sales (on

When a customer refers someone, they get $20 in store credit. The person being invited also gets 20% off an order. In order to have some control over the referral message, the MeUndies referral program requires customers to send an invite email through their platform.

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12 of the Best E-Commerce Slogans and Taglines

Flat Tummy Co pulls this off flawlessly by using “Cleanse & Debloat or Cut the Cals” as its slogan. With just a handful of words, prospects know what they can expect to accomplish by purchasing Flat Tummy Co’s products, which grabs the attention of their core audience. 7. Everlane: “Modern Basics. Radical Transparency.”

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