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MBUSA and RevolutionParts have launched a national parts store where customers can shop for parts and accessories from participating dealers. With a comprehensive B2C eCommerce solution, dealers are able to jumpstart their parts business with a better opportunity to convert shoppers into buyers.

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5 Types Of Coupon That Will Drive Sales To Your Parts

Spend $$$, get $ off next purchase; Free shipping on your next purchase. This is a great technique for holding onto customers long-term. Offering a future discount helps guarantee their business for the next time. For a coupon code like this, don’t set it to expire right away—make the coupon last a few weeks or months.

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How to Get More Reviews on your Parts Website in 3 Easy

One effective tactic is to have a “standard” reward for feedback, like a simple promo code for 10% off or free shipping. However, customers who write a high-quality review (250+ words, includes a picture, etc) will receive something of higher value. SEE ALSO: 8 Tricks to Avoid Overpaying for Shipping. Additional Tips:

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How to Promote your Promotions and Reach More Part

Check out these 4 easy methods for promoting your coupon code and letting shoppers know about your smoking hot deals. 1. Send out a promotional email. If you’re not building up an email list of past customers, you should start right away! Once a shopper has made a purchase with you, you’ve gotten over that first hurdle of trust.

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4 Last-Minute Tips to Sell More Auto Parts on Cyber Monday

Give customers a simple 10% off their order. Creating a coupon code that applies globally to your entire inventory takes out the guesswork. Customers don’t need to sift through your parts to find the ones that are on sale. Plus, it saves you time since you don’t need to manually set those specific sales.

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5 Opportunities for Repeat Customers that your Parts

You can even set rules, like 10% off on orders over $100, to ensure you’re still getting sales. READ MORE: 5 Types of Coupon that will Drive Sales to your Parts Website As long as you calculate ahead of time what kind of discount you can offer while staying profitable, promotional emails are an effective way to draw in repeat customers.

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5 Easy Set-And-Forget Marketing Strategies For Parts

By adding a coupon code to their shipment. Get 10% off your next order on [Your Parts Website Link] with this promo code: [CODEHERE] We hope to see you again soon! Print it out, add it in the box of every order, and voila! This is called a Shipping Insert. Feel free to use this example as a template, if you’d like!

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3 Fall Promotion Ideas You Don't Want To Miss Out On

Work off your dealership’s car sales to promote these online products. You can even offer special promo codes to customers who purchased a vehicle at your brick and mortar dealership! Fall. Any excuse for a sale is a good excuse—since it means more customers. And your customers won’t question a good promotion, either.

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How to Write an Abandoned Cart Recovery Email in 4 Simple

4. Coupons. Some dealers add a coupon promo code to their abandoned cart recovery emails. Sometimes, a little discount will be enough to prompt your shopper to take action. However, there are shoppers out there who will purposefully abandon their carts in hopes of getting a coupon.

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a coupon code for their next purchase and an invitation to follow you online. Make sure to let them know the benefits of following you. Namely, the promotions and coupons you’ll send out via social media! Facebook will let you pay to promote your Facebook page, but do so with caution. If you don’t know much

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How to Enable Vacation Mode on Your eBay Store

eBay's Vacation Mode is useful if you need to temporarily prevent orders from coming in. Be aware that you should only use this setting if the person who usually processes orders is on vacation or otherwise unavailable, or you have a staffing turnover and need time to hire someone to process orders.

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