$400,000: A Net Worth Milestone Requires Reflection On How

Congrats on hitting $400k! The last section of your post really hit home with me. The freedom to enjoy as much time as I can with my wife and daughter and do what we want when we want is the driving force behind my pursuit of FI.

Actived: Saturday Jul 4, 2020


Save 19% On Everything You Buy at Lowes or Home Depot

Better than the Lowes 10% off are $15 off $50 (30%) and $50 off $250 (20%) Lowes coupons available on eBay. I manage my purchases to get as close to the $50 and $250 as possible to maximize the percentage savings each time. I have been buying gift cards as well to increase savings. I will look at buying them through TopCashBack for extra savings.

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TopCashback Will Change How You Spend Money - Retire29

I always keep a Lowe’s “10% Off” coupon in my wallet, just in case, but of course 10% off is never enough. I logged into TopCashback, went to Lowe’s, and found that the rebate was currently 6%: I clicked on the Lowe’s link and found the cabinets I wanted. They were $868.

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The Totally Unrealistic Expenses of Early Retirement

Autos: Up $40 (From $100 to $140) After the cars are paid off, our only costs will be maintenance, gas, and insurance. Those three elements cost us about $200/mo on two luxury cars, so getting this down to $100 seemed reasonable (no commuting, regular unleaded cars, etc.).

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The SNAP Challenge Was A Lot Easier Than Gwyneth Paltrow

For those unfamiliar, the SNAP Challenge is a self-imposed task, thought up by the non-profit, to eat for an entire week off of only the benefits payable to the average recipient of the USDA’s SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). SNAP is what is commonly referred to as “food stamps.”

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Passive vs. Active Expense Optimization - Retire29

Get off that crazy cell phone plan and on to any one of the hundreds of MVNOs (we use Ting) Debt Interest: Consolidate your high interest debt onto a low interest credit card (like Chase Slate, Balance Transfers have 0% APR and no transfer fee if transferred in the first 30 days) Refinance your mortgage (rates today are insane and at historical

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Humorous Consumerism Today - Retire29

What’s more, by using gift cards or coupons, prices are almost on par with home cooking. Yah, it’s not an every day thing, but once a week or less? Not a big deal. Anyway, one day last week I had to work late. I knew we needed to do some grocery shopping and the pantry was a tad bare, so I went into “good husband” mode and decided to

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Gift Cards: Your Secret to Early Retirement - Retire29

Say you’re at the Home Depot. Why? Because, you can do it, and they can help. You’ve clipped the coupons. You’ve budgeted and planned to perfection. You’ve even got an eBay coupon for 10% off your purchase. From what you can tell, your cart of $300 in merchandise is essential to whatever project you’re about to undertake.

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April 2015 Financial Reports - Retire29

These are great investments that have annual ROIs above 100%. I bought all of that at Lowe’s using (you guessed it) gift cards. Check out eBay (use this link for pref-filled search) for online gift cards for $15 off a $50 purchase. The ROI for energy-saving devices gets that much better when you have to pay less for them.

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May 2015 Financial Reports - Retire29

The pending tax refund and a withdrawal from our annuity will pay off one vehicle, which we’ll be able to sell once we receive the title. Those dollars will be used to purchase a family-friendly vehicle, and the excess will go to paying off our other vehicle (and subsequently selling) and paying down our no-interest CC debt.

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December 2014 Financial Report - Retire29

If nothing changed in the next year, I’d have to start selling off retirement assets. Luckily, for me, Chase Slate offers a credit card with no-fee, no -APR rollovers. This allowed me to hold ~$13k in credit card debt for the next 15 months interest-free.

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