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Actived: Monday Feb 22, 2021


IRS Tax Relief for Ponzi Scheme Victims | Nolo

Sooner or later (often much later) Ponzi schemes break down when not enough money comes in from new investors to pay off all the promised returns to earlier investors. Ponzi schemes were named for Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant who carried out a notorious investment scam involving postal reply coupons in the 1920s.

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How to Stop Spam Emails and Junk Mail | Nolo

Hundreds of companies gather names, mailing addresses, and email addresses to sell to direct marketers. Those marketers then send unsolicited credit card offers, catalogs, and other junk mail, as well as, in many cases, unwanted commercial emails (called "spam") to thousands of people.

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My account was "charged-off" and placed in collection

The Collection and Charge-Off Process. Usually, creditors charge off a debt about six months after you stop making payments on the account. Accounts placed in collection. If your account is placed in collection, but not charged off, the original creditor still owns the debt. When you stop making payments, the creditor will often move the

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Legal Limits on Pay Docking and Unpaid Suspensions | Nolo

Some employers discipline their employees by docking their pay or putting them on unpaid suspension for violating workplace rules. However, such a policy can create big problems if the employee whose pay is reduced is exempt from overtime -- that is, the employee is not entitled to overtime pay because he or she is paid on a salary basis and generally exercises a certain degree of

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What Is a Credit Card Debt Write-Off? | Nolo

This is referred to as a credit card debt write-off (also called a credit card charge-off). Writing off a debt allows a credit card company to report it as a loss and reduce its tax liability. But it does not eliminate your obligation to pay the debt. Read on to learn more about what happens when a creditor writes off your debt.

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Preventing a Utility Shut-Off | Nolo

To learn more, see Using Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to Prevent a Utility Shut-Off. For more information on avoiding a utility shut-off and strategies for getting out of debt, get Nolo's Solve Your Money Troubles: Strategies to Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way, by Amy Loftsgordon and Cara O'Neill.

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Is it illegal for my employer to lay off employees with

The purpose of the layoff is to save money, undoubtedly a legitimate business purpose. The method it has chosen to decide who will get laid off will reasonably achieve the goal of cutting costs, while also allowing your employer to keep its highest performing long-term employees, another reasonable business goal.

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Your Right to Time Off Work in New Jersey | Nolo

Employees may take up to 20 days off, unpaid, in a 12-month period for these purposes, if they or their family members are victims of domestic violence or sexual violence. Employees are eligible for this type of leave if they have worked for the employer for at least 12 months, and have worked at least 1,000 hours in the past 12 months.

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Your Right to Time Off Work in Arizona | Nolo

Arizona Laws on Time Off for Voting. Arizona law gives employees the right to take time off work, without fear of retaliation, for the civic responsibility of voting. Employees must be allowed to take enough time off work so that they'll have a total of three hours off while the polls are open (when combined with their usual off-duty time).

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Can My Employer Fire Me for Working a Second Job? | Nolo

Some states have laws that prohibit employers from taking action against employees based on their legal off-duty conduct. The language and protections offered by these laws vary from state to state. Some apply only to an employee’s use of legal products, such as tobacco. Others apply more broadly to any legal activities.

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