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The Coupon Queen’s five festive money-saving ideas

Write to companies for coupons. Now is the time to get emailing companies. Pick the brands you love and use the most. No mention of stacking - meaning using more than one discount at a time. For example, I regularly wait for the 25% off wine offers at the supermarkets and combine that with any money-off vouchers like £6 off if you spend £

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How to be a smarter shopper - Money Advice Service

Search for voucher codes or discount codes to cut the costs, like money off or free P&P. When checking out, bung in the code in a box labelled “coupon code”, “voucher code” or the like, and apply the discount.

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Could discounts save you hundreds?

Saving money – discounts and more. Discounts are one way you could save money, if it is something you want to buy. Other ways include getting vouchers and coupons delivered straight to your inbox, and using outlet stores.

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Money saving tips and discounts for disabled people

You might be entitled to a discount on your Council Tax if you have to live in a larger property than you would have needed if you were not disabled. It’s called the ‘Disabled Band Reduction Scheme’. For example, you build an extension on your property to create a wheelchair-accessible

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Saving for Christmas - Money Advice Service

Christmas clubs are one way to save for Christmas. Most schemes work in a similar way. You start saving early in the year and put aside a regular amount each month. You can’t get at your money until a few weeks before Christmas when you should have built up enough savings to pay for the costs of

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Be loyal to your pocket not supermarket and save

I do try to make good use of money off coupons and to buy double when foods are on offer. As my Mother can only eat mashed, finer, foods I buy vegetables, cook, mash and freeze portions. - I still am guilty of wasting food so I support the comment "Buy as you go"!.

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How much cash do you carry? - Your Money Advice

2 x debit/credit cards | Less than £5 in cash | 1 x driving licence | 2 x membership cards | 2 x entry/pass cards | 2 x travel cards/tickets | 4 x loyalty cards | 3 x money off coupons | 3 x business cards | 2 x photographs | 2 x keepsakes/lucky charms | 4 x old receipts | 2 x expired coupons | 2 x useless handwritten notes | 3 x expired or unused membership/certification/identity cards |6 x

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Payments into your bank account - Money Advice Service

If you pay it in before a bank’s advertised cut-off time that can help save an extra day. If you need to rely on money being paid into your account by cheque, make sure you ask your bank when the money will clear. Find out more in How to use banker’s drafts and cheques.

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How to negotiate when buying a car - Money Advice Service

Anyone can and should haggle when buying a vehicle. In fact, 64% of those who tried to negotiate when buying a car were successful, with just 16% of those failing to bag a discount, according to Money Advice Service research.So read our tips for negotiating car prices.

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Tax on savings and investments – how it works - Money

Income Personal Allowance Amount earned over the Personal Allowance Remaining amount for savings interest that can be tax free; £14,500: £12,500: £14,500-£12,500 = £2,000

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