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Where To Find Coupons - MapleMoney

Please do not take peelie coupons off of products that you are not going to purchase. Coupon Trading. Coupon trading is a great way to get coupons that you want, and get rid of the ones that you don’t. Trade with others on coupon trading forums. You could also trade coupons with your friends, family and co-workers. Coupon Trains

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Peelie Coupons - What Are They? - MapleMoney

Peelie coupons are coupons that you can peel off of products to use on your purchase. Generally, they are “use me now” coupons that you can use right away, but many people don’t even notice them at the time of purchase, so they can be saved and used the next time you go shopping and need to purchase that item.

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Coupon Zone Coupons - Everything You Need to Know

Coupon Zone coupons are tear pad coupons for dollars or cents off, that are distributed by the Loblaws company. They are store coupons, meaning that they are distributed by a store and not the manufacturer of the product. This means that the coupons are not sent in for reimbursement to the manufacturer, rather the store pays the cost.

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When is it okay to buy coupons on eBay? - MapleMoney

Coupons for “free” products: You can only list 2 coupons for free products, with no purchase required, per listing. Coupons printed off the Internet: You can’t list more than 2 printed Internet coupons per listing. Expired or used coupons: You can’t list recently expired coupons or used coupons on eBay because they could be used to

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All about B1G1 free coupons - the rules - MapleMoney

Buy 1, get 1 free coupon + cents/dollar off store coupon. This is similar to the example above, except we are using cents/dollar off coupons instead of a B1G1 Free coupon. Since both Target and Rexall allow 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon for 1 item, this transaction would be okay. Dawn Dish Soap @ $2 x 2 = $4 – B1G1 Free Coupon

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The Complete Step by Step Guide to Save Money with

You can use these coupons right away by handing it off the cashier or save it for another. However, don’t take the coupons off the packing and not purchase that item, that’s not being considerate to other shoppers. Free Samples. The cool thing about free samples is that you often get a coupon when it arrives in the mail.

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How To Become A Coupon King (Or Queen) - MapleMoney

Our website ( has all the printable coupons you need to get started for many items (including a $5 off coupon for Motrin, 10% off coupon for M&M Meats, and a 25% off coupon for Chapters), and all you have to do is print, clip and save. All it costs you is the price of printer paper and ink (tip: print in draft to save your

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Coupon: Lingo, Terms, Abbreviations & Acronyms! - MapleMoney

C/O = Cents Off Coupon CFK = Cash For Kids (coupon that donates part of the value to charity) FREE PRODUCT COUPON/FPC = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free. SS = Smart Source (coupon booklet) Tear-pad = A pad of coupons, usually on the shelf or display, where you tear the coupon off of the pad.

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