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How to Give Out E-Commerce Coupons With Gleam

Giving out coupons to users immediately after they've made a purchase is a fantastic strategy for customer retention. By offering discounts on future purchases to customers you will be able to drive future purchases and cultivate brand loyalty. Plus, you can use these coupons to incentivise email signups and social media follows.

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Coupon Widget Setup - Gleam

Adding Coupons & Branding Once you've created all of your redemption methods you can now add your coupons into Gleam. Name / Title: This will appear in the header of your coupon when they load it. So try to make it as descriptive about the discount as possible (i.e. 10% Off Your Order).

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Using Gleam to Give Out Shopify Discount Codes

An example of this is a discount code which gives users $10 off their next purchase. When you create a fixed amount discount you can choose to apply your discount to specific products, specific collections, or entire orders.

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Creating a Refer a Friend Reward or Coupon - Gleam

Coupons By selecting Coupons you will be able to provide your users with coupon codes as a reward. You can use these codes to offer discounts or other special offerings. You can enter the coupon codes you are providing using "Code(s)" box in the Reward tab. If you are using one code you can limit the total number of claims that can be made.

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Rewards Overview - Gleam Documentation

Once all the required actions are complete, the coupon code will be revealed to the user in the popup above the action area. Like this: Redeeming Coupon in Email In addition to revealing the coupon in the widget, the user will also get an email with the coupon code emailed to them - provided that you check the Capture user details box during setup.

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Using Coupons to Convert E-Commerce Visitors Into Customers

This can be a great approach if you want to distribute coupons over an extended period of time without distracting from the regular flow of your website too much, or if you are offering minor discounts to subscribers such free shipping or 5% off a purchase. Offering coupons with bar and notification Captures is incredibly easy.

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How Our Customers Sell More Products With Incentivized Coupons

For example, you could offer website visitors 10% off their purchase if they follow you on Twitter, or a huge discount on their first purchase if they sign up to your mailing list. The most common type of action-based coupons are opt-in forms on websites which ask users to sign up to a mailing list in exchange for a discount code.

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Social Media Contest Promotion - The Only Guide You'll

The Consolation Coupon Code. If you end up running a successful competition with 10,000 entrants but only 1 prize, then you have 9,999 users that didn't win anything. This technique allows you to engage those unsuccesful entrants with an enticing offer.

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50+ Growth Hacks Using

In the example above you can get 5% off your order when you Follow on Twitter, then 10% after you Visit on Instagram. Finally the overall Reward will unlock giving you 20% off your order for completing everything. 21. Promote Amazon Coupons. Amazon Seller Central provides easy ways for merchants to setup coupon codes that activate via visiting

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