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Actived: Tuesday Feb 16, 2021


Shipping Confirmation Emails Can Be Sexy Too

3. They offer a coupon code. Did you know that it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Zazzle spent a lot of time and money earning my business. The coupon code is a way to build on that momentum. I’m having a good experience so far, the code is an opportunity to continue my journey. Strike while the

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How Udemy Generates More Revenue with Smart A/B Testing - Vero

The existing campaign offered a coupon code with a generic call to action to “Discover Courses.” She tested this against a benefits-oriented header that said, in the case of users who bought app development courses, “Make An App That Everyone Will Want” along with a coupon code.

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You Don’t Have to Send So Many Emails | Vero

The experience started off on the right foot but it’s since devolved into an endless series of coupons and limited offers. (For the uninitiated, Zazzle is a platform that lets you customize t-shirts, mugs, hats and just about anything else. It’s also a platform for makers and artists to sell their products.

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Tracking your email campaign results | Vero

Thanks to the personalized coupons, the campaign was designed to go viral within each recipients’ organization. Many customers forwarded the campaign to colleagues as they would also benefit from the coupon this meant that the total opens and total clicks were interesting metrics.

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Promotional Emails: 33 Examples, Ideas, Best Practices [Updated 2020] - Vero

Subject line: Enjoy £15 off every £60 spent. This is a great promotional email example. Space NK uses everything from a money-off incentive, scarcity – ‘Limited time only’, social proof to personalization. Also, Space NK uses social proof which gives you some ‘top-rated’ shopping ideas and 5-star reviews from other customers. This

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How to use anniversary emails to boost engagement | Vero

Coupons, discount codes, free shipping, secret bonuses, or exclusive items are all options to consider. Optimize your send times If you’re sending emails about a particular time in a customer’s life, you want to make sure you have the timing right.

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Viral Marketing: The Story Of A Targeted Email Campaign That Went Viral - Vero

We decided we were going to send out a ‘special offer’ for each of these companies so we created a coupon code for every single company mentioned in the ‘company’ column. My thought process was that customers at individual businesses and corporations would respond positively to a personalized coupon code: a code that looked like it was

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Email Automation: How and When to Trigger Personal Emails

If email is a continuum, emails from your mom fall under ‘correspondence’ and coupons from Costco fall under ‘batch and blast’. Scale your customer messaging Tools to help you design, automate and coordinate the messages you send your customers, whether you have 1 or 10 million.

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Auditing your marketing and emails during a crisis & COVID-19 | Vero Blog

Campaigns that blatantly ignore the uncertain times and continue promoting products normally could come off as pushy. In addition to promotional posts, make sure that you adjust your strategy to share helpful content. Any promotional content you do post should focus on how people can leverage your products or services to help with their situation.

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Email Like A Pro: 20 KILLER Lifecycle Email Campaigns From 2013 - Vero

One-off blasts, or newsletters, might seem a bit old-school but they can still be really effective. This one from Net-a-porter is all about education rather than straight sales. Most newsletters you see have discounts, coupons and reems of ‘Grab this product’ links.

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