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Lead Generation 101 - GetResponse

Coupons can be for 10 percent off, for free shipping, for a free cup of coffee… you get the idea. Free tickets to a special event (best for local businesses). Evergreen content is how you break through the wall of noise created by the 88 percent of marketers who are also using media as a form of marketing. Whether you outsource the project to

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Increase Your Emails’ Impact. - GetResponse

Instead, pin down the exact benefits a recipient could gain by reading the email: “15% OFF on all electronic devices!”, Buy one book, get the second one free! Keep in mind that most people are flooded with offers every day via email, snail mail, robo calls, and social media.

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20 Ways to Create the Perfect Thank You Page (with Examples)

16. Offer a coupon code. Offering a coupon code on your thank you page can be a good way to push the visitor deeper into your sales cycle and get them to make a purchase. Also, it may be an added value they weren’t expecting when they signed up for your offer. Thus, creating a feeling of excitement.

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Reactivating Your Subscribers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discount coupons (e.g. 15% off) Reviews from other clients; Reminder of the time last action has been taken; Elements affecting the subscribers’ emotions (e.g. fear of losing access to exclusive materials and breaking the relationship) Step 4. Analysis and regularity

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Loyalty Program Success Guide. - GetResponse

This is the most-active stage for lead generation strategies. So present sign-up forms in retargeting ads, Facebook apps, on your sites, in exchange for downloads and coupons, and off-site at stores and trade shows. Make sure every new subscriber receives a welcome series to help move them to the next level. Consideration

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Email Marketing During COVID-19 and Beyond

Restaurants have faced challenging times during the pandemic. Still, while many of them had to stay closed for safety reasons, some have figured out ways to keep their customers close, sending out emails that encouraged ordering food online or buying coupons for future use.

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The Ultimate Holiday Campaign Guide.

The Ultimate Holiday Campaign Guide. Learn to create the ultimate holiday campaign with this exclusive ebook by GetResponse. You’ll find out how to create a holiday promo using the three pillars of a successful campaign: Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing .

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What Have You Done For Me Lately? Why Subscribers Unsubscribe

In email marketing research studies of why people unsubscribe, “too many emails” usually gets the #1 spot for why people unsubscribe. Sending emails too often is a sure way to drive people off your list. So how often is too often? Ah… it depends on your list. But there is some general data available.

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New Research on How to Get More Facebook Engagement

Organic reach fell off around 2014, when Facebook did its famous switcheroo and knocked organic reach down to single digits for most publishers. Now, two years later, most smart marketers have zeroed in on engagement rates – the measurement of how many likes, shares and comments each post gets.

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How to Write Newsletters that Get Opened Read and Clicked

Creating compelling newsletters that get opened, read, and clicked is one of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign. To achieve this, one has to make sure that all the important puzzles are in place: right images, clean code, great CTA, and of course – convincing Copywriting. This very last element is in fact the topic of this exclusive e-book written by Joanna

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