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Drip is a marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce - utilizing email, SMS and tight 3rd-party integrations to help businesses drive revenue.

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How to Run a Social Media Contest with Gleam and Drip

With Drip’s Gleam integration you can set up a social media competition, coupon code, or opt-in campaign in minutes—and possibly see results hit your email list in a few hours. Then, of course, you can use your automated Drip workflows to track, segment, and nurture your leads within your sales funnel.

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Trigger Links - Drip

An action to Send an Automation email containing a coupon code is triggered; Trigger Links on a Website. Customer visits your website; Customer clicks on text or image hyperlinked with a Trigger Link; Customer triggers a Rule, Workflow, or achieves a Goal in a Workflow; An Action to Apply a tag is triggered, and they are marked as interested in

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Sell More on Shopify with the Drip and Justuno Integration

Fifteen percent off the latest whirly-gig for their cat, Mr. Puff, is the best deal they’ve found so far. They place the cat toy in their cart, grab their coupon code from their email inbox, and complete their purchase. Lucky for you, your Shopify store and Justuno account are connected to your Drip account. With an integration like that

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How to Show Customer Appreciation with Email Marketing

Then, add a 365-day delay, and send a one-off email celebrating their “customer anniversary.” Share a discount code in birthday emails Take a cue from just about every coffee shop ever and use your customer’s birthday as an opportunity to surprise and delight them with a coupon code or freebie.

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See What’s New for You and Your Customers: Drip Product

Dynamic Discounts: Coupons are good stuff for consumers and can drive steep spikes in conversions for brands. But while discounting is a powerful tool, it runs the risk of being abused by folks who use your same generic SAVEME10 code over and over again. 2019 Is off to the Races (and There’s No End in Sight) While the first half of 2019

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The Big Book of Ecommerce Email: How to Make Marketing

For example, a subject line that simply reads “20% off!” is a lot less click-inducing than “[Today only!] 20% off just for Fred!” (Or whoever you’re talking to.) Stay true to your brand. Even more important than subject line character count or emotional pull, though, is making sure to stay true to your brand.

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How to Create the Picture-perfect Abandoned Cart Email - Drip

Ultimately, your goal is to keep customers in the buying mode, so sending them a personalized email that contains a discount or coupon code that expires in 24 hours is a great way nudge a customer back into completing that purchase.

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How to Send an Apology Email - Drip

If it was a one-off broadcast, take the opportunity to reflect on your email setup process. Do you need to designate a proofreader on your team, or add another person to your QA list? Focus on correcting mistakes that prevent the customer from connecting with your business or reflect a poor brand image. Like the following cringeworthy moments. 2.

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Sending Test Emails: The Overlooked Ecommerce Marketing Virtue

Sending a test email before you launch it off to your big ol' list is a step often overlooked, but it could save online marketers from looking silly and having some serious headaches in the future. See what every ecommerce marketer should always do before you hit "send."

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