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Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion February 17, 2021 Challenging every DoDEA employee to be courageous, persistent and effective in confronting and resolving racial and cultural issues that impact everyone but disproportionately impact the academic and social emotional success of students of color.

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FMS-Panda Express Fundraiser

Coupon Code Enter Code Subtotal Tax Order Total Checkout Apply $22.45 $0.00 $22.45 Coupon Code 900000 Subtotal Promo "900000" Tax Order Total Checkout Remove Coupon $2245 -$0.00 $0.00 Si tiene preguntas adiciona es, envíanos un correo electró a [email protected] iy nuestro equipo de mercadeo comunitario estará

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coupons past their expiration date. It is encouraged for your child to go and turn in their coupon with you, if possible. Pizza Hut OFF purchase by November 30 1015200 M.C. Perry lementary School 1.23 uestions Contact NOVEMBER 2019 JAPAN

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off (double or triple the recipe). Freeze in individual containers. Use them throughout the week and you won’t have to spend money on take-out meals. get your creative juices flowing Spice up your leftovers—use them in new ways. For example, try leftover chicken in a stir-fry or over a garden salad, or to make chicken chili. Remember,

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You and Your Money: Spending Your Money

For example, make a list of what you need before going to the store and then stick to it. If you have the room, buy some items in bulk. Remember, comparative shopping is checking prices at multiple stores before deciding where to purchase your products. Grocery store cards, discounts, and coupons are also helpful ways to save money.

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Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

couple hours off their host so the likelihood of transfer is minimal. Head lice is commonly transferred through physical contact (head to head) or the sharing of hair products (combs, lice, hair ties etc.). Prevention includes minimizing head to head contact and the sharing of head products. Girls

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Help Us Protect the Environment A GUIDE TO YOUR

railroad crossing turn your engine off. · When using self-service pumps, don't overfill or "top-off" your tank. · Immediately contain and clean up any spilled fluids. If in the TMP contact local personnel to assist. If necessary contact your local DPW for further assistance. Remember If you have any questions concerning the operation

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Grrrator Learning Grrrator Life Grrrator Future

These coupons are Valid Now through Dec 31, 2016. If you enjoy saving money from the area's best establishments get your Attraction Dining and Value Guide Book today!! to keep days off for illnesses and family emergencies. Also, schedule routine doctor and dentist appointments for after school or over school

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cut off the expiration date. Date must be clearly visible. DO write your child’s name and their teacher’s name on all collection sheets, envelopes, Ziplock bags, etc. that you use to send your box tops in to school. DON'T turn in more than 50 box tops per collection sheet. Every sheet and bag we turn in has to be in groups of 50.

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February 2017 Netzi NewsNetzi News - DoDEA

Fifteen 4th and 5th graders showed off their understanding of geography, answer-ing challenging questions about US, cul-tural, and world geography. These talent-ed students have made good use of their time living in Europe, learning more about the world around them, and we are so proud of all of them!

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KC Distance Learning - DoDEA

cutting coupons, not going out to dinner, and bringing bagged lunches to work. They may want to contact a reputable debt consolidation company, such as Consumer Credit Counseling, to help take off work or a friend could watch the children for a few hours. Creditors need to know what is

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