New York Division Of Military And Naval Affairs

New Commander for 101 Signal . Soldiers of the 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, salute with their company guidons during the change of command ceremony on February 27, 2021 at Camp Smith Training Site, marking the change of command from Lt. Col. Ian J. Seagriff to Lt. Col. Michael Hastings. The 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion provides and manages satellite communications and

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New York National Guard Military Family Support and Benefits

Army Fee Assistance (AFA) was created to assist qualifying Army Sponsors with the cost of off-post child care allowing Families to pay fees comparable to those charged at an installation. If you do not have access to an on-installation child care provider, you may be eligible to participate in AFA.

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Holidays DON’T have to be a stressful time

Give “coupons” to friends/family for services they can redeem as your gift to them (ex: 2 hours of babysitting, wash the car, etc.) If you are a family in need, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Help is available. Family members can agree to just buy for the younger children in the family.

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Social Media Roundup Geotags and Location- Based Social

including the phrase “off to work.” • Since the photo was taken by his smartphone, the image contained metadata reveling the exact geographical location the photo was taken. • So by simply taking and posting a photo, or real-life discounts and coupons.

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Guard Times Magazine | March - April, 2002

The airline offers Dagwood complementary food coupons and the rest is classic Blondie. They helped to organize the warehouse, which took the stress off my staff so they could concentrate on other things that needed to be done." Looking at the big picture, this was a win-win situation for all involved. And for the immediate future, the 206th

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Chapter 13 World War II - New York State Division of

stamps, sometimes referred to as coupons. The coupon - stamps were the size and shape resembling the US postage stamp. As purchases for staples were made, correspondingly a ration stamp was removed from the book. The vendor was responsible for collecting the stamps. The motto was “no ration stamp, no meat, sugar or whatever is rationed.”

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Ted Kalicki Veteran - New York State Division of Military

Hamilton, I got off the train, walked out of the terminal, I walked up the street, I saw a bobby standing there, like the British police, that’s the way they used to dress in Canada. I asked him where the armory was, and he told me where it was. So, I went there, got there, they were having a huge party there that night. The

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Rev. Kathleen Mary Davie; nee Owen Veteran Megan Shuler

start, shut off, and then you’d wait for the crash because there’d be a bomb at the end of that. So, that was a bit unnerving. number of coupons had to last for each month and so on, but we didn’t have our tea, for instance, we didn’t have our tea very strong. My father gave up sugar, and

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New York Army National Guard (NYARNG) Comprehensive

Make use of coupons and military discounts . Plan for retirement and discuss it with the Personal Financial Counselor . Enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Leader: Ask your Soldiers to think of good financial habits . Financial (Optimism) - October. Healthy Financial Fitness Behaviors

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“Service Record

scared to death, for that matter, but you were better off with the younger guys when the fighting got hot. I had a battalion leader by the name of Captain Earl Vollrath. He was a cold fish who never smiled and was a stickler about operating by the book. Guys like him and Sgt. Logsdon sweetened up in combat because they knew

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Todd. F. Butler Narrator

Todd. F. Butler Narrator . Wayne Clark Interviewer . April 16th, 2010 Malta New York . WC: This is the 16th of April 2010 we are at the Malta New York Community Center Library. My name is Wayne Clark I’m with the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research

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