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A Simple Process You are a contractor and you want to generate more leads for your business. You call Contractor Webmasters, and we get to work: Here’s how we do it:. Design Your Custom Contractor Website. Our professional design team gets to work on your custom, clean, and SEO-friendly website, designed specifically for your company, using your logo, color scheme, and business photos.

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Do Contractors Get a Discount at Home Depot? | Contractor

There is one thing that you have probably wondered before: do contractors get a discount when they shop at Home Depot? After all, it seems reasonable to believe that contractors likely spend a serious amount of cash at stores such as the mega-chain, so certainly, they get a discount, right?

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Painting Contractor Social Media - Contractor Webmasters

Discounts: Offer digital 15% off coupons to encourage new leads; Images: Post company photos, on the job, or elsewhere, which always engage users more so than regular text posts; Promotions: Run contests or giveaways to get people talking about your brand; Your social media timeline should not seem robotic.

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Concrete and Paving Social Media - Contractor Webmasters

Coupons: How about 15% off for first time customers? Giveaways: Enter your email address to win a free gift card; Referral Bonuses: Incentivize referrals with one discount per referral; Seasonal Discounts: Agree to waive one of your additional fees in honor of fall; Keep in mind promotions can be run cross-platform.

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The 5 Best Social Media Platforms for Construction Companies

Offer coupons or specials and provide a link that will send the user to your website. It’s a great way to increase that traffic, provide specials and coupons to customers, and to build that brand trust that is so important these days. For a contractor, this is the best place to show off exactly what it is your business can do. Posting

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Inbound Marketing Tips & Tricks for Contractors (2019 Update)

A great email campaign would include things like any discounts or coupons that you could provide, specials that you are running, or any other type of incentive to get the recipient of those emails to use your business. There are few portions of a campaign that can be as successful as a strong email marketing campaign.

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6 Tantalizing (Strategies + Tips) To Generate Towing Leads

Those coupons or deals are a great way to convert someone who may have only heard of your service but not yet taken the leap into actually using it. 5) Establish a Social Media Presence There is somewhat of a split in opinion when it comes to social media and its impact on business.

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16 Contractor Advertising Ideas To Consider in 2020

Most of all, social media is an excellent avenue to promote specials, sales, coupons, and anything else that you want your customer base to be aware of. Social media isn’t meant to produce overnight results, but it can result in consistent and steady differences in your overall marketing and ability to turn leads into sales.

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Do Contractors Need a Website? (Updated for 2019 w

A website is one of the quickest ways to vet a business and not even having one is the quickest way to turn off a potential customer. Word of mouth is fine…for a while Perhaps the top reason that contractors do not have a website is that they are relying on word of mouth only to get their business out there to prospective customers.

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7 Qualities of The Best Painting Company Websites (2020)

The key is to make sure that your call to action isn’t too pushy or sales-y, lest it turns off potential customers. Walk this line correctly and you will develop many leads. 6) Lead Magnets / Forms. One of the keys to developing leads and eventually turning those into sales is to gather as much information on customers as you possibly can.

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How General Contractors Can Use Social Media in 2020

For a general contractor, Instagram is a great place to show off pictures from job sites. Put up a few before and after photos to show the quality of work that your company can offer. If potential customers can actually see what it is you do and the kind of work that you can offer, that can helps way them.

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