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Q&A With Gary Austin of

We try not to bombard people with 10% off coupons every five minutes. Instead, we keep our customers’ time and intention in mind. Therefore, we focus on showing only high-quality products and putting out useful content, ideas, suggestions and information that we see working for a large percentage of our current customer base.

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eCommerce - Knowledgebase / ESP Websites - ASI

The Coupon & Points Options in the eCommerce section enable you to enable coupons, establish company points and manage supplier specials. To enable Coupons and Company Points, check the corresponding checkbox. To create and manage coupons, go to Global Features and click on Coupon Manager. When setting up company points:

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Promo Plan

Direct mail is, indeed, an essential tool for distributors to attract sales and stand out. Postcards, coupons, letters and more are all effective at spreading a brand identity. Top distributors agree that “bulky” mailers containing distinctive self-promos are the best at conveying creativity and impressing customers.

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Money-Saving Coupons Inside!

00 For colors & sizes go to our spec index on pg. 00 To order see front cover. 00 asi/00000 asi/00000 School Fun School Supplies A A B B C C D D A. FUN176: CRAY-BLOKS. • Four stacking crayon blocks per box. 250 500 1000 2500 5000 1.23 1.18 1.13 1.08 1.03

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Advantages(tm) Hot Deals

The Bottom Line: Now that we've enjoyed an entire meal together, go ahead and have the very best day off tomorrow! Advantages is bringing over 60 top suppliers to a city near you. Come to the industry's largest and most popular traveling show, the ASI Advantages Roadshow.

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Company Stores: What You Need To Know

If the client wants to offer coupons or vouchers for buyers to use to purchase items, those systems should be tested as well to avoid what could quickly turn into an accounting nightmare. “Some clients offer their employees wardrobe buy-downs, so they give them maybe $150 a year to spend on garments,” says Lloyd.

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How to Increase Email Open Rates

Maybe you link your emails to webinars or send coupons and promo codes. Think about how you can leverage your content to build trust and sales over time. “Your emails must focus on your customers and their specific market,” says Harry Ein, owner of Perfection Promo, an iPromoteU (asi/232119) affiliate.

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How To Increase A Garment's Perceived Value

Show your clients how the garments you’re using are comparable to recognizable retail brands. “Giving buyers confidence that the item is in style takes some of the pressure off their selection and makes a good case for getting more brand impressions,” says Gina Barreca, director of marketing at Top 40 supplier Vantage Apparel (asi/93390). 3.

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2020 Salespeople of the Year - ASI

After researching both suppliers and distributors, he chose to join Stran Promotional Solutions in the summer of 2018. There was no bounty of buyers awaiting him. “We hit it off, but Nick’s supplier network was cold and his client base was even colder,” says Stran President Andy Shape.

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View Presentation

Great for tradeshows, sales person leave-behinds, new product intros, coupons, scratch-off promotions, or business cards. Box options available. Other fills: Cinnamon Red Hots, Spearmints, Gum, Chocolate Littles, Sugar-Free Mints, Signature Peppermints, Mini-Tarts, or Colored Candy. Eco friendly. Please call for other available fills.

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