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Actived: Sunday Feb 21, 2021


Email Coupons: Types, Best Practices, & Everything Else

If you send your customers a coupon code for 25% off their purchase, they’ll only pay $75 for an order that would usually cost $100. Discount codes are the most popular type of email coupons. According to Placed , 60% of consumers prefer discounts over other types of promotional offers like rebates or free gifts.

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The Abandoned Cart Coupon: What You Need To Know

Casper regularly offers $75-off coupons in its promotions. For a $1000 product, “save $75 on your first mattress” sounds way better than “save 7.5% on your first mattress.” Experiment with your coupons, and consider how targeted coupons might make sense in other contexts as well. For example:

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5 Use Cases For Split Test Automations - ActiveCampaign

Use Case #1: Coupon Code, Indefinite Split. Let’s say you want new contacts to receive a randomized coupon code: 10% or 20% off to all new customers. You have decisions to make. Do you want to limit the coupon? And if so, will you limit by the number of distributed coupons, conversions, or by time? Let’s dig into your options.

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Coupon Carrier Integration & App | ActiveCampaign

Deliver unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons to your email subscribers When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new contact has been added to a list or a tag has been applied, it then picks one of the available unique codes and emails it to the contact.

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Message Types - ActiveCampaign

Limited-time promotional emails: “20% off through Friday!” Coupons: “Buy $75 in product, get $100 in savings!” Subscription offers: “Subscribe now for 25% off the annual price” New product offer: “We have something new; buy and try today for half-price!” The intent behind sales messages is to get a contact to buy.

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Beyond Email: A Guide to All of Your Marketing Messaging

Send a postcard in the mail including a link to your website and an exclusive coupon code for first-time customers. Use a billboard to prompt viewers to subscribe to your SMS list: “Text 54557 for instant updates!” Remember the Internal Notifications example we described earlier, notifying your team of upcoming client birthdays?

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5 Win-Back Email Campaign Examples That Will Get Customers

Bonus tip: Are you more likely to click “add to cart” if you have a $10.00 discount code coupon, or a 10% off coupon? A study conducted on win-back campaigns found that emails that offered discounts of dollar amounts (instead of discount code) perform better. Takeaways from this win-back email: Offer what they want.

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Announcing the "Has Been Sent" Segment Condition

These emails can come from larger campaigns, or they can be one-off emails sent from an automation. Has been sent is available to all plan levels, and is already live in your account. Protect coupon code abuse: A common practice in ecommerce stores is to provide a coupon code for new users, to encourage them to opt-in to an email list.

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Automation Recipes Part 1: Your Guide to Recipes for

The automation is triggered when a contact visits your upgrade or purchase page. If a day goes by and that contact hasn’t upgraded, the automation will send an email with a coupon code to incentivize upgrading. After the email is sent, it waits another three days.

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