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CPG Trade Spending & Promotions: Ignorance is NOT Acceptable

(3 days ago) Everyone can admit that trade spending is a critical element of the CPG supply chain, but isn’t it time to quit surrendering to the notion that tracking trade promotion dollars is not possible? Because not only is it possible, in today’s operating environment, it is essential to long term success. The first question to confront is WHY?


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Home | Trade Promotion Management | CPGToolBox

(2 days ago) CPGToolBox Is Transforming How Consumer Goods Manage Trade Spend with a Complete TPx Solution Suite. From TPM to AI-driven Business Intelligence, our trade spend solutions are easy to learn, quick to implement and simple to use so the benefits are seen quickly.


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A comprehensive guide to Pricing and Trade Promotion ...

(22 days ago) Trade promotion spending is typically the second largest cost line item after COGS for a FMCG company and according to a recent BCG study, trade promotion spending has outpaced revenue growth over the past decade.


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The 4 Most Useful Metrics In CPG Trade Promotion | TABS ...

(4 days ago) The Trade Promotion Problem. Before we get into specifics about correct metrics, let us first take a moment to clear up current thinking about trade promotion, and how we propose to revise it. Presently, the conventional wisdom in the CPG industry separates trade promotion practices into two distinct branches:


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How analytics can drive growth in consumer-packaged-goods ...

(2 days ago) Consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) companies worldwide invest about 20 percent of their revenue annually in trade promotions. Stunningly, 59 percent lost money (in the United States, it’s 72 percent). 1 Conversely, best-in-class CPG promotions returned five times more than the least efficient.


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Trade Promotion Spending Cpg Retail Coupon Codes 2021

(1 months ago) A report by Nielsen Holdings confirms that 40% of cpg trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results while 59% of trade promotions globally don’t break even. Yet another study by Booz Allen Hamilton reveals that most manufacturers lose nearly one-third of the money they put into trade promotions .


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How AI and Big Data Can Help Consumer Goods Companies Run ...

(2 days ago) A report by Nielsen Holdings confirms that 40% of cpg trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results while 59% of trade promotions globally don’t break even. Yet another study by Booz Allen Hamilton reveals that most manufacturers lose nearly one-third of the money they put into trade promotions .


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Top 9 Trade Promotion Management Software in 2021 ...

(2 days ago) Trade promotion management is one of the major challenges faced by companies that deal with consumer packaged goods (CPG) or fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) across the world. These companies have to handle complex trade promotion activities on a daily basis. ... control, and analyze trade promotion spending; and trade promotion activation ...


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Cpg Trade Promotion Spending - find-coupon-codes.com

(6 days ago) CPG Trade Spending & Promotions: Ignorance is NOT Acceptable. CODES (2 days ago) Everyone can admit that trade spending is a critical element of the CPG supply chain, but isn’t it time to quit surrendering to the notion that tracking trade promotion dollars is not possible? Because not only is it possible, in today’s operating environment, it is essential to long term success.


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5 Things CPG Companies Need to Know About Managing Trade ...

(3 days ago) Over the years, we have seen CPG clients experience a number of challenges, including tracking ongoing trade activity and clearly understanding ROI on trade spend and how it compares to projected lift in sales. We have also seen CPG companies fail to hold adequate reserves to deal with deductions accruing from the prior year.


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Trade Promotion Optimization: Challenges and How AI Can ...

(1 months ago) 40% of cpg trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results — Nielsen Holdings. What is the retailer performance in a location for a specific time period and for a specific product ...


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A Quick Guide To Measuring Trade Promotion Effectiveness ...

(5 days ago) Of the trade promotion investments, many CPG companies spend 30-40% of their entire trade fund on buying down prices every day (“Every Day Low Price” – EDLP) or extended price reductions.


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The Evolving CPG Marketing Mix | Cierant

(3 days ago) The study evaluated spending activity across the five core components of the modern CPG marketing mix: trade, advertising, consumer promotion, shopper marketing and digital. From the survey results, five key findings emerged that every consumer goods marketer should consider as they begin to build their 2019 budget:


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Zero-based trade for CPG leaders: Five steps for raising ...

(4 days ago) In the U.S. alone, CPG trade spending exceeds $200 billion annually. Company executives tend to recognize its importance. It is typically the second-largest line item on their P&Ls (behind the cost of goods sold), and it consumes about 20 percent of their gross sales.


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Improving Trade Promotion Spend Effectiveness | Tiger ...

(6 days ago) By Karthik Raghunathan Trade promotions are a staple for every CPG company in order to push their products through the retail channels, with the typical spend ranging from 14-20% of gross sales, most of which is reflected in a price reduction.. Surprisingly, for such a large head of expense (only COGS is higher), there still remain issues around monitoring spend effectiveness and subsequent ...


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What does one mean by 'Trade Spend' in consumer goods firm ...

(2 days ago) Tradespend is the amount that a manufacturer/vendor spends to promote a product in-store. Typical in-store promotion vehicles include discounts/coupons and supporting ads in a retailer's circular. However, in the industry, tradespend is the term...


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trade promotion - CPG Data Tip Sheet

(3 days ago) Trade promotion evaluation is one of the primary reasons CPG companies buy IRI and Nielsen data. At 10-20% of gross sales, trade funds are a big investment for most manufacturers. And even companies that don’t have direct-to-consumer marketing will still often have retailer driven in-store merchandising.


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Trade Promotion Excellence | Strategy&

(7 days ago) Consumer packaged goods companies spend billions annually on trade promotion, and pressure from retailers, competitors, and consumers is increasing.


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Top 5 CPG Marketing Challenges in 2021 | Blacksmith ...

(8 days ago) Marketers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) face an array of evolving challenges in today’s retail landscape. The surge in online shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic began has altered consumer behavior so that many shoppers now prioritize convenience and availability over brand loyalty.And with less foot traffic in brick and mortar retail stores, CPG marketers have less control over which ...


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Trade Promotion Optimization Software | TPO Software - Compass

(7 days ago) of cpg trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results – Nielsen Holdings. of the money was lost by most of the manufacturers who invest in trade promotions – Booz Allen Hamilton. of trade promotions globally don’t break even – Nielsen Holdings.


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Trade promotion (marketing) - Wikipedia

(2 days ago) In business and marketing, “trade” refers to the relationship between manufacturers and retailers. Trade Promotion refers to marketing activities that are executed in retail between these two partners. Trade Promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing demand for products in retail stores based on special pricing, display fixtures, demonstrations, value-added bonuses, no ...


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Trade promotion planning: CPG has data, but are they using ...

(7 days ago) Consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail companies have invested heavily in technology solutions to boost their trade promotion performance, but many lack the talent or business processes to capitalize on these investments. ... Two-thirds have switched more than one quarter of their trade promotion spending to digital channels; 56 percent rated ...


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Are you in for a First-Quarter, Trade Promotion Surprise ...

(1 months ago) CPG is even more dependent upon trade spending than ever before. Trade promotion spending for a typical consumer brand can be 15 percent to 20 percent of sales revenue, depending upon the category. Some of this spending is given automatically as off-invoice allowances.


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AMG Strategic Advisors Releases Findings from ...

(13 days ago) On average, CPG companies spend nearly 14% on trade funds as a percentage of gross sales. Product price increases are affecting CPG manufacturers. Nearly 80% of companies surveyed took a price increase on at least some of their products in 2011, and they expect to see continued increases in the coming year.


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Study: CPG Now Spends More on Digital Than Traditional Ads ...

(6 days ago) Overall the CPG industry spends around $225 billion on marketing, according to Cadent, which includes spending on trade and consumer promotion in its mix, though those outlays are classified...


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The changed game for revenue growth management in CPG ...

(2 days ago) Trade promotion spend optimization continues to be an opportunity Trade spends accounts for up to 25 percent of gross sales for a CPG company, second only to the cost of goods sold. Yet, trade promotion productivity underperforms, while users have to navigate multiple legacy systems with incomplete or imprecise data.


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Trade promotion management - Wikipedia

(3 days ago) Trade Promotion Management (TPM) typically refers to one or more software applications that assist companies in managing their complex trade promotion activity. Trade Promotion Management is a challenge faced by most CPG/FMCG companies around the globe. Consumer goods companies spend substantial amounts of time and money—14 percent of revenue, according to an AMR Research study—on ...


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Best Trade Promotion Management Software 2021 | Reviews of ...

(2 days ago) Find and compare top Trade Promotion Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Quickly browse through hundreds of Trade Promotion Management tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs.


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How Digital Disrupts CPG Trade Promotion | Blacksmith ...

(1 months ago) “Manufacturers must act with agility to keep pace and optimize spending.” According to Kantar Retail’s Trade Promotion Study, despite trade promotion activity and spending quickly migrating to digital, just 13% of manufacturers have separate brick-and-mortar and e-commerce budgets and 24% have no e-commerce budget at all.


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Breaking Out of the Trade Spend 'Do Loop' | Consumer Goods ...

(8 days ago) It takes stepping out of the trade spend "do loop" to evaluate the current state and envision a better future one. Take the first step today. About the Author Don Johnson is a principal at The Cambridge Group. He has more than 15 years of experience working with consumer packaged goods companies.


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For Aspiring CPG Data Gurus: Incremental Volume Unveiled

(2 days ago) If you are a CPG company with significant trade promotion spending, you probably already buy IRI/Nielsen data or are seriously considering it. Both IRI and Nielsen measure Incremental Volume: how much extra volume you sold due to trade merchandising. If you’re not sure what incremental volume is, read this first. If you’ve already got the ...


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An intelligent new trade promotions system for a CPG giant

(14 days ago) Retailers claim back a portion of the promotion costs they incur, and in the past the CPG company created manual contracts based on sales force input. It validated each claim and invoice prior to approval, but it wasn't practical to audit more than 30% of invoice value—and that led to significant over-payments.


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Trade Promotion Effectiveness - Tredence

(4 days ago) The average consumer packaged goods (CPG) company allocates ~14% of its total revenue to trade promotion activities, which underlines these programs’ importance. Why Trade Promotion Effectiveness? Despite growing trade promotion budgets, many companies still utilize rudimentary trade spending practices without identifying ways to optimize ...


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Vision by CPG | Trade Promotion Management | CPGToolBox

(5 days ago) Increase Revenue Using Data-Driven Trade Spend Decisions Build a data empowered team and drive smarter trade spend investments with Vision by CPG, a Trade Promotion Management and Optimization solution driven by Artificial Intelligence and Scenario Planning.


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Welcome to PRICE-TRAK

(4 days ago) Total CPG Trade Rate Increased to 15.1% in 2015. With trade promotion spending comprising up to half of brands marketing spend, it remains the most critical component of marketing expenditures. In fact, trade promotion and pricing are undeniably the most important aspects of marketing.


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Adesso Solutions - Trade Promotion Management

(3 days ago) “Flamingo TPM is a great place to manage trade and deductions, all in one place. Having all trade information in one system gives me complete visibility into our spending; I can log into the system to see what we are spending at every customer, view all of our plans in a Promotional Calendar, and click to drill down and see details and contracts associated with any deal.”


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4_steps_to_optimizing_trade_promotion_effectiveness.pdf ...

(4 days ago) The average consumer packaged goods (CPG) company allocates 14% of its total revenue to trade promotion activities 1, which underlines the importance of these programs. Despite growing trade promotion budgets, many companies simply anniversary the prior year’s trade spending practices without identifying ways to optimize these initiatives.


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All Promotions are Not Created Equal ... - Spend Matters

(4 days ago) We have found that critical success factors for trade promotion improvement include (1) strong executive support and (2) accountability and discipline around both the analytics and action plans. For CPG manufacturers, trade promotion spend will continue to be a cost of doing business. However, as stated above, not all promotions are created equal.


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CPG - Solution - Trade Promotion Optimization - Rubikloud

(5 days ago) Trade Promotion planning is a long-lead, manual process that absorbs a large amount of Account and Brand Managers’ time. Rubikloud’s AI Engine generates a fully automated calendar of optimized promotional events that accounts for promotion mechanics, duration, and business constraints.


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Developing and Managing Winning Promotions at Unilever

(3 days ago) The new realities of trade promotion management in the consumer goods world require different strategies and the right technology choices to maximize spend. It’s critical for CPG companies to recognise what success “looks like” in this new landscape, and to have the clarity of understanding and insight to be able to leverage best practices to sidestep the common myths associated with TPM ...


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Trade Promotion Marketing: Digital in Emerging Markets ...

(3 days ago) Faced with these challenges, CPG businesses are struggling to plan, control and optimize trade promotional spend for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The result is a missed opportunity to turn trade promotion activity into increased sales – wasted spend, in other words.


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(5 days ago) If trade promotion spending does rise, as Hertel suggests, it would resume its long-term ascent following a recent respite where spending abated to 16.4% of CPG sales. Stuart cites several reasons for this downtick: a slow strengthening of the economy and partial return to traditional brand-buying habits, and a sales shift to everyday low price ...


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Why traditional solutions for trade promotion ROI are ill ...

(7 days ago) An outdated cpg trade promotion spending mindset. Traditional trade promotion optimization (TPO) solutions are scenario-based and trade promotion management (TPM) tools take into account transactional activity, but the two improve promotion effectiveness within a single retailer alone.


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Use Trade Promotion Management To Boost Return on Promotions

(14 days ago) Global consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands invest more than 20% of gross revenues in trade promotions. They need powerful applications to plan and execute the best portfolio of promotional activities for each new product and each line extension, in each location or channel. CPG companies deploy trade promotion management (TPM) to:


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